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Venetian Plaster is one of the most popular Plaster Finishes of all time. It has a subtle

beauty and rich depth, that is hard to achieve with other materials.

There are two different types of Venetian Plaster. Old World Lime Based,

and Acrylic based Venetian.


Old World Lime based Venetian creates a deeper looking finish than the Acrylic based

product. Lime venetian is a natural based product that comes from the Earth, and when

dry is nearly impervious to damage.


You can tell the difference between Lime Based and Acrylic Based plasters, by looking at the shine and depth of the finish.

A highly polished deep finish is difficult to achieve, and requires practice with Lime based Plasters.

An experienced installer can achieve an exceptionally beautiful finish.


To see some of these examples go to


Acrylic Plasters are far easier for the amateur to use. You can apply them to your walls

with much less effort than Lime Based material. Ultimately the look is not quite as dramatic as

the Lime Based product, but never the less quite satisfying and beautiful.


Both of these plasters contain Marble Flour, which is polished to a high sheen on the last layer.


Venetian Plaster is often referred to as a faux finish. In reality it is a plaster finish.


PS: We have installed Venetian Plaster throughout the Austin area, including Westlake,

Lakeway, Downtown, and Leander.  We have also done work in Houston and Dallas.


Stay tuned to net months blog, where I will give a detailed description on how to install

Venetian Plaster for the novices.

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