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Experience and training have given us the ability to create beautiful patterns with colored glazes. These give the warmth to a room that makes it feel complete.

Layers of paint dry slowly and gradually to build up color through the process of glazing. This slow buildup of color is what creates the great depth found in professional faux finishes.

Patterns result from the way the colorant is applied to a surface. The effects range from subtle to bold. These finishes create the warmth and flair to a room, furniture, or cabinets that make it feel complete.

Our trained artisans mix all of our glaze colors from scratch. We know how these translucent color layers will build over each other, and what new colors they will produce.

Metallic glazes can create an added effect of glimmer and reflection to a finish. They can also be used to create glowing undertones. Both are spectacular ways to accentuate a surface.

Mark Zwern Design uses acrylic and water based glaze mediums, and our colorants are acrylic based. These are low VOC, nontoxic, non -odor producing products.