Venetian & French Plaster
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We take pride in knowing your Venetian finish will look rich and authentic. Our entire team has been trained by master artisans from France and Italy.

How a finish will look on your wall is determined by the experience, training, and ability of the artists applying the plaster. We have the technical skill to produce the most dynamic finishes available, and we are known for designing the most creative and vibrant finishes.

Some say that Venetian plaster is the most beautiful and elegant of all decorative plaster finishes. We create depth in the Venetian plaster by applying a number layers to each finish. We finish it by hand polishing it for a true shine.

French plaster is a signature style which we developed about thirteen years ago. We layer transparent plasters over each other to create depth, movement, and color variation.The result is a beautiful, chalky finish that is both elegant and casual.

Other decorative plaster finishes include:

  • Marmorino
  • Wax Enhancements
  • Ornamental plasters and Embossing
  • Old-world plaster applications.
  • Metallic Shimmers and Frescoes

We pride ourselves in using the most durable, and the least toxic products we can find. All of our faux stones are painted with water based acrylic paints that are low in VOCʼs, toxic free, and odor free.