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Plastered faux stone replicates the look of wood, marble, or stone and our talented artists are able to reproduce the look of any natural product.

We can use faux stone plasters to make the old look new and the fake look real.

Reasons to use faux finish the interior of your home include:

  • Natural stones, marbles, and woods are becoming more expensive, and some are quite rare
  • Costs of transporting natural stones and woods are increasing
  • Faux Stone is easily maintained compared to natural stone
  • There are no toxins or radon in the stone or the sealers with faux stone
  • No ecological damage is caused to the environment by painted finishes
  • Faux Finishes do not fade or absorb odors, like real stones do

How a plaster will look on a wall is determined by the experience, training and ability of the artist applying the plaster. Our entire team has been trained by master artists from France and Italy.

We pride ourselves in using the most durable, and the least toxic products we can find. All of our faux stones are painted with water based acrylic paints that are low in VOCʼs, toxic free, and odor free.