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Using the same finishing techniques that master furniture builders have used for years, we can make any cabinet look like a piece of furniture.

Make your cabinets look in style and relevant at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.  To create a beautiful glaze finish is an art learned through practice and experience. All of our finishes are hand done to achieve that warm, rich patina of the ages with custom color glazes.

We work directly with kitchen remodeling firms, cabinet manufacturing firms, builders, interior-designers and home owners. We are experts at producing high-end custom finishes for furniture and cabinets and can help you through the process of selecting the best finish for your design.

Mark Zwern Design can customize any piece of furniture to meet your needs. We breathe new life and luster into cabinets, furniture, and antiques with:

  • Custom Glazing
  • Cabinet Inking
  • Cabinet Staining
  • Faux Wood Graining
  • Embossed Stenciling
  • Marbling

Green finishing is gaining in popularity and we are embracing this mandate with non-odor producing  low and zero VOC water borne and clear finish products.