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One of the most common questions we get is “can you leave us a little color so we can repair our Glaze Finish”? Truth is that

most glaze finishes are more difficult to repair than even Plaster Finishes. Most regular painters will do you a

favor and apply base-coat to the effected area. Generally in a perfect square.


Here lies the problem. Glazes are transparent. So what ever is underneath will absolutely show thru. We have developed a method for repairing

glaze that I thought I would share with you.


What we first do is to take a small amount of the actual base-coat color that was used for the Glaze Finish.  We slowly add the actual colors

to the base-coat that were used in the finish. What this does is take away some of the transparency of the glazes, simply because paints

have Titanium White in them. You cannot see thru paint! The trick is again to add color slowly. It does not take much. Try some over the

area you are repairing, then dry with a hair dryer for color match. It will most often dry darker, so you have to test by drying.

I almost forgot to tell you the most important secret.  Apply your base-coat over the patch are first, before you do the previous

step. Go wider than the effected area, and feather your paint edges like the edge of a cloud. Remember you don’t want to see the

paint edge thru the glaze.


Hope this all helps

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