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Although when just adding color to touch up a glaze finish can be simple,

applying a base-coat and glaze to go over a drywall patch can be tricky.


What many regular painters will do is paint a square or a circle of base-coat

over the damaged area, not realizing that glaze is transparent and will

show thru the outer lines of the base coat.


The correct method is to prime the patch, then base-coat the area feathering

out the edges of the area so that they have a faded, or cloud like edge.

Then apply the glazes  to the base-coated area when dry.


Another method is to take the base-coat (or paint) and slightly tint the

base-coat with the glaze colors. Then apply like you would glaze.

The reason this method works well, is because the paint takes

some of the transparency away from the glazes.


Faux Finishing repair can be done if you follow these two tips.

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  1. Desi says:

    I had the same problem and this what I didI got two dirfefent paints in the same value with about 3-4 shades lighter of each other and some glaze and started sponging over the real dark color and it turned out better then I ever dreamed

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