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Custom Wooden Door Finishing
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The Purpose of this blog is to present some new and interesting work.

A client had some very custom and expensive doors made to open into a bar area. They were truly beautiful, and basically raw unfinished new wood. Her interior designer called me and told me what she wanted. The doors had to tell their own story. In order to do this they would have to look like they were over a hundred years old.

The process was as follows.

They were hand distressed. ( beaten up). Then they were stained to have the underlying color match her stain color thru the house. Then  they were sealed with a clear sanding sealer to seal up some of the porosity of the doors. They were hand brushed with a grey white glaze, and then sanded back to create the very old barn door look. Then stain was randomly applied to create a more warm tone on the grey. Then finally they were re-sealed with poly-urethane.

The finished product

Mark Zwern Design Custom Wood Finishing

The whole process was a lot of work, but the results were amazing. I have decided to show a close-up of the door, which gives a better understanding of the results.

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